Highlights from Monday, Sep 13, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Carmen and the team, including the band MIKESCHAIR, arrived in Guatemala safely. They are there to deliver the shoes you donated to orphans.

READ   Carmen will be updating her blog from Guatemala, as she is able.

WATCH   This video of MIKESCHAIR's "Change the World" shows last year's distribution of shoes in Peru.

FOLLOW   MIKESCHAIR or Carmen on Twitter.

Rock the Universe was great, as far as concerts go. But some of the behavior was, well, pretty ridiculous.

LISTEN   Dave talked about what he saw, and Bill told what Kimberly reported to him.

LISTEN  A youth pastor's wife agrees, but says "we need adult help!"

LISTEN   Bill talked about more bad behavior witnessed by (and addressed by!) his wife.

LISTEN  This youth worker wanted both understanding and more help.

Dave attended a radio conference at Disney in Orlando, where he represented The JOY FM in accepting a couple of awards.

LISTEN   Hear who he accepted awards for and what he said.

LISTEN   Hear about the new Christian films Dave found out about.