Highlights from Thursday, Sep 09, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"No Mall Fall" has officially started for Carmen, BUT she forgot one little thing: Mac lipstick!

LISTEN  Someone offered to do thet legwork, in exchange for a song (a Brandon Heath song!).

READ   Carmen blogged about why she's doing this.

Dave and Bill were given an assignment: test out the new Kindle for our audience, and by the way, you have to find and read a book while Carmen is in Guatemala next week.

LISTEN   This created a bit of consternation in Bill

LISTEN   We had good suggestions from our audience. (Don't pay attention to the grumpy old men saying, "Been there, done that.")

LISTEN   More good ideas for electronic books to download.

LISTEN   Here is the DECISION! Carmen was underwhelmed.

Facebook is bringing a family together with shared classic photos.

LISTEN   Dave got tagged, so we made him share.