Highlights from Tuesday, Sep 07, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

After last week's shoe-drive for Guatemala, a week where you shattered records by giving more than double the number of shoes for orphans (total with the matching gift was 27,716), The JOY FM had some help from a local girls' basketball team to get the shoes ready for shipping.

LISTEN  Hear the coaches talk about how willing the girls were to help out!

It was a productive weekend for Dave and Bill, with Dave's youngest son getting a job, and both the guys playing with new phone apps.

LISTEN  Daniel is now the "lunch lady?" Check it out.

LISTEN  Dave found some sweet apps for the phones he and Bill got.

LISTEN  There's one app you have to have!

LISTEN  There was a sad moment when Dave and Emilie had to put Mitzi down.

College football ruled last weekend. And this weekend, it's a first: UF vs. USF!

LISTEN   This caller is pulling for the Gators.

LISTEN   Another first: Carmen's household is divided in the fan-department.