Highlights from Friday, Sep 03, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Have you heard what you did? For the last month, we've been leading an effort to collect brand new shoes for Carmen and the band MIKESCHAIR to put on orphans' feet in Guatemala. mikeschair shoes

LISTEN  Here is the evidence that you broke ALL the records and expectations. 

LISTEN  Carmen talked about the impact these shoes will make on those who have so little.  

After we told you, there was still some unfinished business. 

LISTEN  Mike, from MIKESCHAIR needed a call with some totals. He was pretty moved.

WATCH  Here's a link to the new MIKESCHAIR video from last year's trip to Peru.

From time to time, we share some quirky, fun parody videos created by Dave's two oldest sons (two of the "Three Geniuses").

LISTEN  Today was Genius #2's birthday, so we called him in Texas (where it was a bit earlier).

WATCH  Check out one of their parody videos.