Highlights from Wednesday, Sep 01, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The shoe wrap-up in Ocala, Lakeland and Sarasota went great, with listeners bringing thousands of shoes for orphans in Guatemala. On Friday, we'll give some stories and more; for now...

LISTEN   Hear the winner of the MIKESCHAIR concert in our small-group shoe contest.

If you've heard the song "Starry Night," meet the artist-songwriter behind it, Chris chris augustAugust!

LISTEN   Hear about Chris's difficult background and how God used it in the writing of Chris's most vulnerable song, "7 x 70" on the new record, No Far Away.

LISTEN   For those who feel abandoned, Chris August can relate, right down to becoming a "most valuable customer" at a pizza delivery shop.

LISTEN   Chris made his television debut playing piano for Ashlee Simpson on SNL!

LISTEN   We tried once, then again: 60 Seconds With Chris August.

LISTEN   Check out this live, in-studio version of "Starry Night."