Highlights from Monday, Aug 30, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Have you heard about the deals people are getting lately by couponing? We brought it up on the show today and, not surprisingly, heard from you!

LISTEN  Here's what the guys had to say.

LISTEN  This mom has been able to stock her shelves and help others.

VISIT   Here's the website for True Couponing.

VISIT   This is the other website, Addicted to Saving.

Bill claimed to be seeing numerous wild animals in and near his neighborhood recently. Dave thought Bill might be going a little wild himself.

LISTEN   Hear what Bill says he saw and why.

LISTEN   The callers say they've seen 'em too!

Dave is a big fan of all things Christmas, but this is ridiculous!

LISTEN   Bill had to leave the office Friday, driven out by "Jingle Bells."

LISTEN   Not everybody is a Scrooge, Bill!