Highlights from Friday, Aug 27, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Yesterday, we posted pictures of the 33 guys trapped in a mine in Chile. Today, Dave talked about their pending rescue and we realized... Carmen would just have to stay there!

LISTEN   Hear Dave's update and Carmen's response.

LISTEN   This experience may have contributed to the phobia.

SEE  Here is the link to see the faces and names of the miners.

Twitter and Facebook can be used with lots of different aims, including humanitarian ones. 

LISTEN  Hear what one woman is doing and how one act of kindness raised $100,000.

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Just for fun, we decided to give away tickets to Jars of Clay / Brandon Heath this October, having a little fun with a woman and her mom.

LISTEN   See if Barbara can get her mom to say the password!

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