Highlights from Wednesday, Aug 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First, Bill wanted to clarify that he DIDN'T cause the mistrail! But after two days' jury duty, he brought back a changed attitude.

LISTEN   We all try to get out of it, but jury duty is close to the heart of democracy.

LISTEN   What a strange coincidence: two missed shows, 17 years apart, one family!

Carmen and Dave stepped out while Bill was gone and debuted BrandonBrandon Heath Heath's new song from his upcoming record. Brandon got word of it on Twitter, and...

LISTEN  The artist gave us a surprise call this morning, and Carmen was in trouble!

LISTEN   All was well, as Brandon turned the tables and promised someone backstage passes to one of his October concerts.

FIND   Get info on the Brandon Heath / Jars of Clay concerts coming this fall!

Well, since Brandon promised, we had to deliver the backstage passes to someone.

LISTEN  And that someone was Dory, a pretty excited Brandon fan.

LISTEN  She nailed the B-Heath quiz and won the passes!