Highlights from Friday, Aug 20, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Maybe it'll spur you on to reading through the whole Bible: a guy in Great Britain has started summarizing the Bible on Twitter.

LISTEN   Carmen brought us the story today.

READ   Here's the story of how he got started.

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It's Snazzy. And for those who adopted the Snuggie, this new product may be a hit.

LISTEN   Dave found the site promoting it. 

SEE   You gotta see these things.

Bill finally decided to take Carmen's whitestrips challenge, but he can't find his whitestrips.

LISTEN   He thought Jayar may know something about it.

LISTEN   This caller confirmed it!

Hopefully, you already know about our shoe drive for orphans in Guatemala.

LISTEN   Carmen told us a story of shoes from a surprising source.

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