Highlights from Thursday, Aug 19, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Matt Maher stopped by the show this morning. First time visit for this singer-songwriter / worship leader. You know him from his song, "Hold Us Together," as well as writing "Your Gracematt maher Is Enough" and co-writing songs with Audrey Assad.

We ganged up on him and gave him (pretty much) the whole Morning Cruise treatment.

LISTEN  Matt is the guy who proposed Audrey Assad's "Winter Snow" to Chris Tomlin. Carmen said it was "gutsy." You'll find out why!

LISTEN  Dave had some inside information on certain "stage troubles" Matt was famous for. Well, he may NOT have been famous for them until this morning...

LISTEN  His song, "Christ is Risen" has a powerful message inspired by a 4th century preacher.

LISTEN  Matt tried to explain the source of his inspiration, Chrysostom, to Carmen. Oops.

LISTEN  Just like the story of redemption in scripture, our conversation with Matt ended with a wedding... well, and engagement anyway!

Matt did an exclusive, web-only live version of the song he co-wrote with Audrey Assad. It's called "Garden"

Matt Maher Sings Garden Live from The Morning Cruise on Vimeo.

LISTEN   Bill talked with Matt about the biblical theology behind the song.

Our world-traveling producer, Kris P. Kreme, was back from the UK today, while one of our hosts had his own adventure in an elevator!

LISTEN   Kris talked about where he went and what he saw in the UK.

LISTEN   Bill got a sales call inside an elevator, and it wasn't on his cell phone!