Highlights from Tuesday, Aug 17, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carmen thought it was about time to give Dave and Bill a TMM (total mouth makeover), so she picked up Crest CD Whitestrips on the way to work today. Then, she tried to get the guys to try them.

LISTEN   The guys were both a bit reluctant at first, but Dave was willing to try.

LISTEN   This woman had some "gentle" advice for Dave and Bill!

LISTEN   Dave put them on, then tried to do his duty (snicker, snicker).

LISTEN   This caller tried them and concluded "Only try this at home!"

LISTEN   Bill tried to help businesses think about planning, but Dave still had the whitestrips on!

READ   Click to read the article on "normal" for businesses.

Football was on the brain, with Tebow's jersey selling and since the ESPYs had two funny videos on:

WATCH   See the trailer with Sandra Bullock and Peyton Manning for "The Darkside"

LISTEN   Tebow is a rookie, but he's already set a record!