Highlights from Monday, Aug 16, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Before we pour on the milk, please enjoy a little inspiration and another "Lucy Moment" from The Morning Cruise:

LISTEN   Carmen (aka Lucy) shocked a Best Buy worker -- unintentionally, of course -- with one innocent question.

LISTEN   Bill was proud of his son and daughter over the weekend, not only for what they did in church, but also in the mall!

Everybody is buzzing about the movie Inception.Inception


LISTEN   Dave and Carmen have both seen it, so Bill grills them with questions.

Now it's time to get our fill of milk! The big question Carmen had was should I drink raw milk?

LISTEN  Here's why Carmen is asking the question.

LISTEN   These callers had some experience and a definite opinion.

LISTEN   Someone who raises goats chimed in.

LISTEN   A registered diatician expressed her concern with raw milk.

LISTEN  This raw-milk advocate had some conter-evidence.

A Canadian listener who is a dairy farmer had this to say in an e-mail:

We have a dairy farm and our cows don't go out to pasture, in the winter too cold and summer too hot, even here in Ontario! We feed the cows a nutritious, balance meal made with hay, corn and soybean meal. Cows are healthy and don't die after 1 1/2 year, plus a sick cow does not produce milk. We consider it a great responsiblity to be good stewards, that is what God wants us to be.


About the raw milk, we drink the milk of our cows, we have protocals in place how to "harvest" the milk cleanly, the cows are clean, the milk gets visualy checked before the milking machine goes on, and if I or our employees see milk that we would not drink we would not put that milk in with the rest. The milk gets filtered and goes thru an heat exchanger so it gets cooled down to 60 degrees and after that it goes inthe bulk cooler and gets cooled down to 37 degrees within half an hour.

This process keeps the milk fresh & healthy. This is a whole different process than 50 years ago... Raw milk can be safe, but you have to know were it came from and how it was handled, just like fresh fruit and meat.