Highlights from Friday, Aug 13, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

We introduced you to Heather Williams today. As a new artist, Heather's storyHeather Williams and music are inspiring thousands around the world.

LISTEN   Before we got serious, we enjoyed a football moment with Heather! (And Carmen loves Al Michaels' voice.)

LISTEN   Get to know Heather, and you'll be amazed at her tragic beginnings. 

LISTEN   Heather talks about bad choices and her turning-point.

LISTEN   Heather talks about music and how she got her start.

LISTEN   Another tragedy, after marriage, was a key to open up forgiveness.

CONNECT   Heather has a new EP coming out. Get details on her website.

SEE   Here's the link to Heather's story on the video we saw.This is a must-see!