Highlights from Thursday, Aug 12, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

She's been waiting for almost a year for HER Publix to re-open after remodeling. She even wore her fancy shoes and planned to go on a "date" there with her husband!

LISTEN   Carmen got a surprise text from her husband, Pete today. And Pete (poor Pete) got in trouble!

Mark Hall has decided to sell off lots of his Star Wars collectibles to donatestar wars booth to World Vision's efforts in Rwanda.

WATCH   Here's Mark's video-tour of his office and the stuff he's selling, including the AWESOME (ahem...) Han Solo in carbonite desk!

Memory is a funny thing. It can serve us, or it can torment us. Mostly, it escapes us... some more than others (Bill).

LISTEN   Bill earned some teasing for forgetting... something... (uhh, we forgot).

LISTEN   There's a serious side to memory.

LISTEN   This caller asked a great question about memory and happiness.

REMEMBER   Here's a link to the Donald Miller book. And here is a video review.

REMEMBER   Here's a link to the Life Journal

You didn't miss it! 
FIND external link   Get the info you need on the 2010 Florida Sales Tax Holiday, this weekend.

Jars of Clay's Dan Haseltine has boys, and they have a new obcession... Dave's kid's videos!

LISTEN   Hear how this happened.

WATCH   Here's the latest parody video from Dave's kids.