Highlights from Monday, Aug 09, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome back Carmen! On her vacation, Carmen visited Ron Hall andDenver's daughter Denver Moore, authors of the book Same Kind of Different As Me. Ron and Denver have become dear friends over the last four years, and we have shared much of their story.

LISTEN   Hear what it was like for Carmen to be there when Denver introduced his daughter to Ron and "The Bossy White Lady."

LISTEN   Though the movie is still a couple of years (most likely) from being finished, Ron has already picked one song that fits perfectly. 

What's wrong with poetry? What's wrong with art? What's wrong with football? Nothing in particular, but when you hear this, you may have the same question Bill had:

LISTEN   So, Bill asked, "What's wrong with this picture?"

LISTEN   Dave revealed his secret passion: painting... and NOT by numbers.

We posted a Weight Watchers recipe for Balsamic Chicken with mushrooms, one that Bill's wife cooked, earning the "as good as Carrabbas" award!

FIND   Get the recipe from our Facebook page and give it your own taste test.