Highlights from Thursday, Aug 05, 2010

Thursday, August 4, 2010

Jars of Clay lead vocalist Dan Haseltine and guitar player Matt OdmarkJars Dan and Matt stopped by for a visit today!  They introduced us to songs from their new album, The Shelter.

LISTEN   Dan and Matt talk about the new record.

LISTEN   Dan talks with Bill about the theme of The Shelter

LISTEN   Dave Cruse fills in the two missing band members.

SEE   Click the link (left) to see the photoshopped version of the band.

LISTEN   Bill asks a couple of questions in the form of poems (don't ask... it's Bill)!

LISTEN   Kris P. Kreme spins his own remix of the Jars song, "Eyes Wide Open"

LIVE SHOW   Come see Jars of Clay and Brandon Heath in concert this October!

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