Highlights from Wednesday, Aug 04, 2010


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's August, and hurricane season hasn't produced much so far.  With Colin disorganized and falling apart, the forecasters have nothing to talk about!

LISTEN   Dave thought it was ironic, in the light of being told, "This season is gonna be an active one!

LISTEN   Dave had more to say! And someone reminded us about the 2004 late-season hurricanes.

LISTEN   Traditional wisdom falls apart, just like some people's houses did.

LEARN   Here's a recap of the infamous 2004 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

It's the other side of the weather that's taking Bill by storm: a super-high power bill!

LISTEN   You in this boat too? He's been taking steps, but not seeing much savings.

LEARN   FPL has a list of tips to save you money, and an appliance expense caluculator!

Tomorrow, Jars of Clay will be with us to talk about their new record, The Shelter. Check the first single by clicking here.