Highlights from Thursday, Jul 29, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

We were pretty blown-away by the generosity of a listener who recently set up a nonprofit organization to distribute shoes in poor rural areas around the world.

LISTEN   Meet Ryan, founder of BeautifulFeet.org.

LISTEN   Hear how the gift of new shoes could literally save a life.

VISIT   Check out the Beautiful Feet website.

HELP   Here's the page that talks about Carmen's trip and shows how you can donate shoes.

LEARN   Visit the organization that sponsors our shoe-drives, Buckner International.

This summer we were blessed with a very talented intern from New York. Michelle was with us on The Summer Cruise, and she's done just about every job at The JOY FM.

LISTEN   Hear how her summer has gone.

LISTEN   Not only did she get experience, she found the Lord's love in new ways.