Highlights from Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Facebook page was a friend page, which is not ideal for the show, SO, we setup a new "family page" (fan page)!

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Kris P. Kreme and his wife, Elisha, share a talent and love for modern dance. Recently, they shared some time in front of the cameras, drenched in dirt. 

LISTEN   Hear why Kris was doing some "dirty dancing" 

LISTEN   Hear "Beautiful Things" and Kris's appreciation of it. 

Carmen has been as quirky as ever. We blame it on Publix. 

LISTEN   Hear what happened yesterday, as she THOUGHT she would have a simple trip to the dentist. 

LISTEN   Carmen, as Bill suspected, actually has a family PLAN for the grand re-opening of HER Publix. 

Need some encouragement to grow in your love for God? 

LISTEN   Bill shared some thoughts on moving forward in a relationship with Christ.