Highlights from Friday, Jul 23, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Play along, just for fun! We gave away some tickets to Matthew West's fall concerts this Matthew West Cabinmorning. All you have to do is identify the songs:

LISTEN   Here was Kris P. Kreme's idea of a "quick" clip - pretty easy!

LISTEN   As this winner proved!

LISTEN   So, Kris made it a little lot more difficult for the next pair of tickets!

LISTEN   And we played the mystery song, which Matthew has never recorded...

LISTEN   And with that help, someone got all five songs.

Now, we couldn't have anticipated this, but Matthew West, out of the blue, called us just to say hi and hear some encouraging voices!

LISTEN   He was at the airport, and he didn't know what we'd been up to!

LISTEN   After some mutual admiration (above), he busted us! And... more anticipation of his new songs.

VISIT    See what Matthew is up to on this record. He's recording YOUR stories.

EXPERIENCE   See Matthew West and Josh Wilson with Johnny Diaz this fall.

There are lots of unemployed people, and apparently, lots of lonely people, willing to find or be a friend for hire.

LISTEN   Bill introduced Carmen to Find a Friend online.

LISTEN   Carmen found the whole thing a little disturbing.

Carmen was also disturbed (is that the right word?) when HER Publix closed for renovations.

LISTEN   Hear Bill call her out on this.

LISTEN   This caller empathized with Carmen a lot better than Bill did.