Highlights from Thursday, Jul 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What would you say if someone asked you to finish this statement, "My biggest fear in life is..."?

LISTEN    We talked about it on the show this morning

READ IT   Carmen asked this on our Facebook Page.

FIND   Find the book on Amazon.com.

LEARN   Here's a review, so you can briefly get the main idea of the book.

We'll get back to deep and meaningful discussion in just a moment. First, we have to teach Carmen how to put air in her tires. Seriously.

LISTEN  Dave's passion and skill in cycling has carried over to Carmen, but not his mechanical skill!

LISTEN  There IS more than one way to pump up a tire, according to our Nashville cycling consultant!

LISTEN   This conversation got started because of Dave's love of the Tour de France.

If you have kids, ever feel like you go over the SAME stuff, again and again? (Carmen does with Dave and Bill, all the time... mostly Bill.) Well, Bill was feeling that way this morning.

LISTEN   Hear what Bill thinks Carmen should have known when Audrey Assad was here.

LISTEN   Learn a little about Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine) with us!

READ   You can either download a free copy of the classic work, The Confessions, or you can buy a contemporary version.