Highlights from Monday, Jul 19, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bill returned today after a couple of weeks off. Rested and ready for the new week, Bill shared some of his non-vacation highlights.

Hear how the "empty nest" showed itself as Will took off on a road trip with his band. Here's a link to Audea's MySpace page.

Super Dad was nowhere to be seen when Adam, Bill's second of four boys, hit a home run for his AllStar team.

Visit Bill's blog to read "What I Did on Summer Vacation"

Domestic Dad was slaving over a hot stove, fixin' up some of Aunt Judy's Chicken Pilau!

Watch for Aunt Judy's recipe, to be posted on Bill's blog!

Dave has three sons (no Lucys, Bill!) with multiple talents.

Just recently, though, his middle son discovered a hidden talent that could land him in medical school!