Highlights from Sunday, Jul 18, 2010

featuring Audrey Assad

The Morning Cruise (finally) took some time off in July. But we still managed to squeeze in some highlights!

Audrey Assad stopped by on July 13 to spend time on the show with Dave and Carmen, then set up for a by-invitation concert in our studios. Things got realAudrey Assad personal, real quick!

Audrey gave us the back story of her new song, "Restless," inspired by Augustine's Confessions.

(Bill can't leave this one alone... click here to learn about the Confessions.)

She's hitting the gym, but staying away from the baby food.

Hear Audrey talk about shaved legs (uh... it was Dave that brought this up)!

Audrey seems to have started a "no (chemical) shampoo" craze too!

Get the scoop on Audrey and her debut CD, The House You're Building.