Highlights from Thursday, Jul 01, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We don't know how you're processing your thoughts and feelings as our community goes through the tragic loss of officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab. We've had a few thoughts of our own on this matter (see Carmen's blog). Today, we felt it was important to get some perspective on how to deal with conflicting feelings of anger, grief, fear, hope and the conviction that God's forgiveness covers even the most heinous criminal.

LISTEN   Pastor Robert Barnes responded to Bill's reluctance to immediately ask people to pray for the perpetrator.

LISTEN   As we begin to reflect and not just react, we need to understand why and how God's forgiveness can be offered and how guilty people respond.

LISTEN   Bill asked Robert what lessons the community might learn from walking through this tragedy.

LISTEN   Robert prayed for all of us.

Robert Barnes is the pastor of Dayspring Church in Spring Hill. Before accepting the call to pastor, he managed the production of the Discover God Study Bible and was associate editor for the ESV Study Bible.

So, if you opened the refrigerator door at a friend with grown children's house and found baby food, what would you think?

LISTEN   Carmen had that very experience recently, and she recognized the symptoms of the newest diet fad.

LISTEN   Mike from MIKESCHAIR was listening and called to chime-in on the discussion.