Highlights from Monday, Jun 28, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Summer Cruise 5 is history, but along the way some memories were made!

LISTEN   Hear the touching story of Josh Wilson stopping by to give Dr. Byron Hassell a command performance after "Before the Morning" was so significant in helping him get through the death of his wife..

LISTEN   Lucy showed up at Dr. Hassell's office, in the middle of the tender moment!

LISTEN  Jayar dressed up as a waiter in Northport to hide in plain sight. And nobody recognized him!

While we were out on the SC5, our families were rolling along back home. It was a good week for daughters!

LISTEN   Bill's daughter Madison had a life-changing week on a local mission trip.

LISTEN  Carmen's daughter Abbey helped her team to victory and got a tired mom fired up!