Highlights from Friday, Jun 18, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fathers' Day weekend started with an emotional reunion of a woman and her dad, whom she had not seen in 37 years. We re-told the story of Scottie and her surprise reunion with Keith, inspired by the message in Brandon Heath's "I'm Not Who I Was."

LISTEN   Here's how the whole thing got started.

LISTEN   Surprise no. 1: Brandon Heath!

LISTEN   Surprise no. 2. In our studio... the man of her dreams.

WATCH   Here's video of that memorable reunion.

 Chris and Conrad checked in this morning as their "Listener Appreciation Tour" made its way into Auburndale.

LISTEN   Hear the guys talk about the blessings of partnership.

LISTEN   Here's the scoop on their Central Florida FREE concert tonight!

Let's see, there was something else we forgot... uh... oh, YEAH, it's Bill's Birthday!

LISTEN   Carmen was sweating as she realized that she hadn't remembered.

LISTEN   All is forgiven... and FORGOTTEN!