Highlights from Thursday, Jun 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010toilet

Let's start with these stories and get to the bottom (whoops!) of this picture! 

LISTEN   No potty-humor intended, but this was our #1 story of the day!

LISTEN   Carmen's daughter Haley did some cool curls for her mom for a wedding, and Haley wasn't here, so who could she get to show her how to do it? Of course! Kris P. Kreme! 

pog cookbookWhile in Nashville, Carmen got to sample some recipes from a new cookbook written by the girls in the band Point of Grace.

LISTEN   Carmen talked about the group and their recipes.

LISTEN   We decided to find recipes with a surprising ingredient.

LISTEN   You might not believe what people put in their recipes!

LISTEN   Here are more "surprise ingredient" calls.

By the way, we couldn't agree on who the winner should be, so we each picked a favorite, and THEN Carmen felt bad for the runner-up and gave her tickets too.

No, she doesn't have any more tickets left. Blew 'em all out in one contest!