Highlights from Tuesday, Jun 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 

Do you follow the World Cup, or do you ask, "World what?" Bill (not traditionally our sports guy) felt like it deserved a little attention on the show today. 

LISTEN   There was a "local tie-in" to the World Cup, but Dave was still nonplussed by Bill's wanting to talk sports. 

LISTEN   This guy was downright incredulous that Bill called NASCAR a "marginal" sport! 

LEARN   With words like "nonplussed" and "incredulous," you know we have to be talking about something Foreign. Read this "take" on England's blown match against the U.S. 

Josh Wilson is packing up his wife, Becca, and going on the road with us, on The Summerjosh wilson Cruise 5!  So, we thought you should get to know him a little better:

LISTEN   You'll never guess who answered the phone when we called Josh. 

LISTEN   And she SCOOPED it out on him, too!

LISTEN   Josh was getting pumped up with us over The Summer Cruise 5.

LISTEN  Josh is a man of many talents and interests, from theology to Bananagrams!

SEE   Here's the answer to the burning question, "What's Bananagrams?"