Highlights from Wednesday, Jun 09, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

With The Summer Cruise less than two weeks away, everyone was pretty stoked about our new t-shirts. Jayar was so excited, in fact, that he decided he needed some t-shirts for his 12 afternoon listeners. 

LISTEN   We re-told the story with audio from yesterday's afternoon show.

LISTEN   He seemed to be having trouble finding anyone who was among the 12.

LISTEN   We found a couple of his listeners...

LISTEN   ...So we started a count. We got up to 4 (and a dog).

LISTEN   It was time to call and wake up the man himself.JaymesEmilieNathanDaniel

Dave's three sons have been together all week celebrating Daniel's (Dave's youngest) high  school graduation.

LISTEN   Dave told the story of last night's graduation party, where the entertainment lasted for hours!

LISTEN   Noticing they had been to a local museum, Bill and Carmen got into a friendly debate about fine art. Yeah.