Highlights from Tuesday, Jun 08, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dana Key, one-half of the classic duo, DeGarmo & Key, passed away on June 6 at age 56. Though many newer listeners to Christian music might not know him, Dana was a shaping influence on the artists and music we have today.

LISTEN   Hear Dave talk about why Dana Key was influential in his life.

READ   Here's the obit, with lots of info on Dana Key.  

Anniversary memories are not always of the big and fancy stuff! Bill talked about having the worst dinner last night at Kimberly's favorite restaurant. That story drew out an explantion from Carmen about why she doesn't like to go out to dinner on her's and Pete's anniversary.

LISTEN   Bill's anniversary gift was inspired, though (at least HE thought so)!

LISTEN   Carmen's second anniversary set the bar so high! After all, they spent it at...

Hello iPhone 4G!

LISTEN   Like many, we're very curious, but Carmen has a reluctance to upgrade!iphone 4g

LISTEN   This caller tries to help Carmen with her dilemma, and we wondered about other smart phones.

LISTEN  These callers jump into the discussion.

SEE IT   Here it is!