Highlights from Thursday, Jun 03, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

He's one third spiritual and romantic songwriter, one third standup comic, and... we're not sure about that other third. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you... Dave Barnes:The morning cruise with Dave Barnes

LISTEN   This was supposed to be a semi-serious introduction. Yeah, right. 

LISTEN   It got a bit more serious (almost) when Bill asked about Dave's college background with Brandon Heath.

LISTEN    Why do Christians have seem to lose the ability to write a great love song? Dave, who writes GREAT romantic ballads, fielded the question.

LISTEN   Dave had some "going deeper" questions, and Dave Barnes got a bit of a surprise when his neighbor, Ben Rector, chimed in on the phone.

LISTEN   More of our own little version of "Match Game" with Dave Barnes and Ben Rector!

LISTEN   Here it is... the story of the FALLING FRIED CHICKEN!  (disclaimer: no actual chickens or squirrels were harmed during the telling of this story, though Carmen did have to get oxygen and change her Depends.)

LISTEN   Carmen asked Dave some of YOUR questions, submitted on our Facebook page.

LISTEN   Dave talked about (and played) his current JOY FM song, "God Gave Me You."

WATCH   See the live version of "God Gave Me You" Dave sang on the show today. (Video under construction)

LISTEN   Carmen had heard about a TV role Dave was going to play on a network show!

LISTEN   Dave is a man of many voices: the movie trailer guy, Grandma, a version of Antonio Banderas, etc.

LISTEN   Hear a "sincere" goodbye from Dave Barnes!