Highlights from Tuesday, Jun 01, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She's 63 and nearly retired. Rosemary "Kookyi" Peterson has driven a Manatee County school bus for years, but this was going to be her last year of putting up with the noise and rowdiness.

LISTEN   Hear what she started that transformed the bus into a learning enviornment.

LISTEN   Ms. Kookyi has given herself a summer assignment and a new job description for next year.

LISTEN   Principal Scott Boyes is thrilled at the impact of Ms. Kookyi's reading club.

READ   The local paper, The Bradenton Herald, had a nice article on Ms. Kookyi.

Memorial Day weekend was beautiful! Lots of folks grilled out (or got grilled) or exercised.

LISTEN   Carmen rode almost 50 miles and almost left Pete in the dust!

LISTEN   Bill's son had some home remedies for a sunburn. But do they hold water?

LISTEN   These callers had a few remedies of their own to contribute.