Highlights from Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To win tickets to Chonda Pierce in Clearwater, listeners had to fill in the punch line and make us laugh! We had quite a few attempts, and a winner three winners!

LISTEN  Hear Round One.

LISTEN   This one not only got Carmen to chuckle, it got a "bravo" too!

LISTEN   Round Two.

Congrats to Dee (hydrant), Lena (chocolate) and Lori (wrinkles). Uhh... those are punch lines, not nicknames.

SEE   Find out if there are still tickets to a "Girls' Night Out" near you!

Happy Anniversary Carmen and Pete!  Between the three hosts, we have quite a few years (mostly Dave) of marriage experience.

LISTEN   Hear Carmen talk about the benefits of going the long haul in a relationship.

GET HELP   Is your marriage in trouble? We have a 24-hour prayer and crisis-referral hotline you can call. (Click the link for information.)

Never thought we'd see the day Kris P. Kreme would say, "Do these pants make me look fat?" (At least YOU didn't have to hear that... we kept it off the show!)

LISTEN   Kris admitted he was a bit self-conscious about his weight.

READ   Kris blogged about the experience.