Highlights from Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yesterday, Carmen admitted to "catching" a bad habit from Bill -- starting several books at once, but not finishing one of them. Today, Dave decided it was time for an intervention. Dave the Librarian

LISTEN   Dave had Carmen choose ONE book to read to the end.

LISTEN   Dave pried Bill's white-knuckled grip off all his current reads except one

LISTEN   This girl tried to be empathetic to Bill, but even Bill had to admit his problem... eventually.

SEE   Carmen blogged about the books she's (not) reading. You'll get a description and a picture.

TIP: If you have a friend who is dieting, choose a cuisine other than the local, authentic Mexican food place. Or sit at different tables!

LISTEN   Carmen explained why she really wants to shed some pounds right now.

LISTEN   Bill had a hard time really getting into that Mexican lunch because of a "certain someone."