Highlights from Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nathan, Daniel and Madison each found his or her way into a story from dad today.

LISTEN   Hear how Nathan (Dave's son) did with his first big purchase.

LISTEN   Daniel (Dave's youngest) has a lot of planning to do (well, his mom does) before graduation!

LISTEN   This listener offered some advice for calculating the extent of dad's involvement.

LISTEN   Madison made her dad (Bill) so proud at last night's concert, and there was a familiar song in an unexpected place!

So, a friend buys your meal. Later you get sick. Do you tell him?

LISTEN   Bill found himself in that very dilemma.

LISTEN   He made the call.

Did you see the videos Bill and Kris brought back from Nashville.

WATCH  The roadtrip

WATCH  The comments of the guy who is coordinating this effort.

WATCH   The conversation with an expert on homelessness.