Highlights from Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today was the day Bill and Kris P. Kreme were on their way to Nashville to drop off the tents, tarps and sleeping bags our listeners donated to help restore a homeless community known as Tent City!

LISTEN   Hear the call Dave and Carmen made to Bill, en route.

Brandon Heath benefit concert flood
Tonight, Brandon Heath is hosting a benefit concert for a church that was severely damaged in the Nashville flood. YOU can be there, even if you're nowhere near Nashville.

GET INFO   Here are the details.

ATTEND   Here's your ticket to a live, streaming webcst of the benefit concert.

(Click the poster on the right for the Facebook RSVP page.)

LISTEN   Hear the conversation with Brandon that was on the show today. (note: this link is not yet available).