Highlights from Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tenth Avenue North, the double-Dove award winning band, stopped by our studios Wednesday before their sunset concert at Siesta Key. We got into a pretty good conversation:

LISTEN   Carmen kicked things off by talking about one of her favorite songs fromTenth Light Meets Dark their NEW record, The Light Meets the Dark.

LISTEN   Dave threw some fun questions to see if the band really know (and like) each other! 

LISTEN   Bill asked Mike, the lead vocalist and songwriter, about a very hard subect: hell and the wrath of God.

LISTEN  Jason (drums) added to the conversation, talking about how themes of truth and justice influence the band.

LISTEN   Okay, now for a little break from the heavy theology, Dave throws some more "meet the band" questions on the table. 

tent city nashvilleTent City in Nashville was washed away by the flood. This homeless community  was the focus of an effort we made to collect tents, tarps and sleeping bags.

LISTEN   Hear what happened yesterday, when The Morning Cruise went to LifeWay Christian store in Brandon to collect the supplies for a trip to Nashville next week.

LISTEN   Closer than we think, Leslie realized one of her girlfriends has been leading worship in Tent City in Nashville.