Highlights from Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hall Family Adoption ChinaHope's adoption brought tears to our eyes. (Of course, only Carmen cried out-loud.) This story is so inspiring and the pictures so tender.

SEE   Pictures of Mark and Melanie Hall as they met Hope in China, and read Mary Beth Chapman's blog about it.

LISTEN   Carmen got a bit emotional as we listened to the Steven Curtis Chapman song, "When Love Takes You In" and saw the picture of Melanie Hall and her new baby.

LISTEN   Adopting a child, especially internationally, is a long, expensive and challenging process. Carmen got an e-mail from the Halls with specific prayer requests.


Help us rebuild Tent City in downtown Nashville!

LISTEN   Here's the back-story on how we got involved in this effort.

LISTEN   We talked with Brian, whose blog has been documenting the efforts to reach out to Tent City.

GIVE   Here's the page you need with all the details.

Dave, Carmen, Kris and our friend Amy from Nashville are "Team Mohair" this weekend in the MS 150 Bike Ride.

LISTEN   Bill confronted Carmen's lack of training for this weekend's event.

LISTEN   Dave's training ride yesterday turned into a nature tour.

LISTEN   Kris P. Kreme gave an impassioned appeal for support!

GIVE   Here's the support page. See how they're doing or give a gift.