Highlights from Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Mother's Day surprise is what we had in mind when Carmen took entries on her blog for a nice gift package. We called the winner, who left us his number, this morning.

LISTEN   The call got through and... surprise!

SEE   The Tarina Tarrantino Earrings, courtesy of Rusty Crickett's in Bradenton.

ORDER   Tickets to Chonda Pierce!

Dave, Carmen, Kris and Amy (from Nashville) are "Team Mohair" in the upcoming MS 150 Bike Ride.

LISTEN   We had Kris on a trainer today, simulating actual road conditions!

LISTEN   Dave tried to help Kris with his technique.

DONATE   To Team Mohair in the MS 150!

Ever try to do something nice, only to unintentionally expose someone else who is doing something NOT so nice?

LISTEN   It happened to Carmen in the shoe department.

LISTEN   This caller appreciated Carmen's handling of the situation.