Highlights from Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

This Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. Bill has developed some pretty strong feelings about participating this year.

LISTEN   Thoughts on why this day is important, not just for Christians, but for the country.

LEARN   Visit the National Day of Prayer official website to see what's unique about this year's observance.

LEARN   Read Lincoln's remarks about a national observance of prayer and fasting during a time of deep division - the Civil War.

You've probably done it yourself (or almost done it), but when Carmen missed the sign on the door, she gave us another "Lucy Moment!"

LISTEN   Hear the whole story, told "objectively" and "sensitively" by Dave and Bill.

LISTEN   These ladies can appreciate Carmen's trouble, since they had stories of their own!

Serious flooding in Nashville, the hub of the Christian music industry, had us concerned today.

LISTEN   We called Andrea Kleid, an executive with Word Records, to get her eyewitness report of the impact.

READ   Here's what's happening (from The Weather Channel).