Highlights from Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are we passing our faith along to the next generation?

LISTEN  Bill asked Dave for some advice, since Dave has two on their own!

READ   Here's the USA Today story Bill referenced.

Dave took a big risk this morning and cold-called his wife. Why? Because he didn't get her a gift!

LISTEN  Dave made the call to make the call, and Emilie called it like it was.

LISTEN  Not wanting to leave the wrong impression, Emilie called back (and it got mushy).

  Support TEAM MOHAIR in the upcoming MS 150 ride!

Yesterday, Dave and Bill shared some highlights from last week's Nashville trip.

LISTEN  Dave got to visit Brandon Heath's recording studio and watch as they lay down tracks for his upcoming album.

LISTEN  Well, almost. Dave missed the shredding.

LISTEN  We got a call from Kerrie, one of our winners who ran the half-marathon with tobyMac. Check out her journey to health!