Highlights from Tuesday, Apr 06, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friendraiser starts tomorrow morning. The reason we need friends is to survive as a listener-supported station. The reason you need to consider giving is...

LISTEN   Bill said there's a difference between generosity and a giving heart.

Did you see the super-cute video of the family
in the car singing and the dad who unintentionally made his precious little boy cry? carlos whittaker and losiah

LISTEN   We talked with Carlos Whittaker about his national media attention.

LISTEN   Carlos told us how Losiah was adopted.

FIND   Carlos Whittaker online at Ragamuffin Soul.

The news is reporting that Tiger Woods would like to reconcile his marriage through renewing his wedding vows with Elin. This is a sensitive story, but it made is think about forgiveness, grace and repentance.

LISTEN   Dave, Carmen and Bill shared their personal thoughts and feelings about Tiger's situation.

LISTEN   Here's the Britt Hume comment about Tiger needing Christian faith.

Is there ever a reason for a guy to have a big screen TV with picture-in-picture technology?

LISTEN   Bill says yes (in principle) after watching two ball games at the same time.