Highlights from Monday, Apr 05, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Carmen was down in her back when she reached for her big toe. It was painful, but it turned out to be a Lucy Moment.

LISTEN   Hear how the holiday weekend got started.

LISTEN   Carmen's mom had an Easter weekend victory moment!

Dads deserve a few proud moments too, even long-distance. Dave had a special report from his sons in Houston.

LISTEN   Jaymes and Nathan led Easter services.

Coffee and Tea! This was one of the happiest Mondays in a while for Dave, bodum french pressBill and Carmen. And our friends at Blood:Water Mission were happy too.

LISTEN   Carmen found a french press and broke the 40-Day fast with STRONG coffee!

LISTEN   Dan from Jars of Clay told us what the impact of 40 Days would be on villages in Africa without access to clean water.

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