Highlights from Thursday, Apr 01, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

40 Days of Water officially ends Easter Sunday! This effort was spearheaded by the band Jars of Clay. Lead singer Dan Haseltine called this morning to help us get across the finish line!

Dan not only talked us through, he also helped us understand the impact that this campaign, part of blood:water mission, will have had in Uganda and surrounding areas.

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LISTEN   Part 2

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Carmen was "down in her back" today and couldn't make it to the show; however, it didn't prevent her from winning another  award!

LISTEN   Hear our call to Carmen to give her the news about the "sing off."

LISTEN   Carmen's injury resulted in a Lucy moment!

LISTEN   Jayar took the news well. Too well.

Looking for an experience to help you understand and appreciate the drama and the details of Easter?  Find The Story of Jesus at the Cattleman's Arena in Wauchula.

LISTEN   We talked with Mike Graham who has been with The Story of Jesus since the beginning, two decades strong.

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