Highlights from Wednesday, Mar 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You can vote for your least favorite singer between Carmen and Jayar in the sing-off!

LISTEN   Hear the final round in the sing-off. WARNING: EAR PLUGS MAY BE NECESSARY.

LISTEN   People were having a hard time knowing who to vote for.

LISTEN   Jayar called in with his two beautiful daughters on the phone, trying to drum-up support for Carmen (the one with the MOST votes wins)!

VOTE   Click the link to vote for the WORST of the two.

Amy Grant was here Tuesday, but the impact of her visit and her songs continues.

LISTEN   Carmen reflected on our time with Amy and how her song, "Better Than a Halleluia" is really reaching people's hearts.

VIEW   Pictures of Amy meeting listeners at Lifeway Christian Store in Brandon.

DOWNLOAD   Her new CD, Somewhere Down the Road, on Amazon or iTunes.

The Last Song opens in theaters everywhere this week. It's a Nicolas Sparks story starring Miley Cyrus. Meanwhile, there is another emotion-laden film opening next week that you might want to bring to your local theater.

READ   The Plugged-In movie review of The Last Song.

LISTEN   We gave a preview and thoughts on the new film from a former producer of Facing the Giants and Fireproof, David Nixon's Letters to God.

CLICK   To see the trailer and how you can bring Letters to God to your local theater.