Highlights from Tuesday, Mar 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Congratuations Amy Grant! Today was the release of Amy's 24th album (yesterday we said "21st," but who's counting?). Somewhere Down the Road hit store shelves today, but YESTERDAY, Morning Cruise listeners got treated to live previews and conversation with Amy, live in our studios.

CLICK HERE   to be redirected to yesterday's highlights page where you'll find most of the conversation and some of the music Amy did yesterday.

Singing isn't just for trained vocalists! Jayar loves to sing. Carmen loves to sing. Jayar has always been the worst singer in the building. That's before he started working with Carmen.

LISTEN   Jayar has challenged Carmen to a "sing off." He stopped by today to make sure Carmen was ready...and willing!

WATCH   Carmen caught this short video of Jayar "practicing" for tomorrow's big sing-off.