Highlights from Thursday, Mar 25, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You'd think the talents Kris P. Kreme has would be enough to keep him busy. Why is it talented guys like Kris always have to try stuff that's...? Well, let's just say this new venture may be beyond his coverage!

LISTEN   Carmen brings up Kris's new idea for a side-business: "Song Starts."

LISTEN   A Nashville Talent Manager calls to give his endorsement assessment.

WATCH   The audition video Kris P. Kreme put together. Would YOU hire him?

Did you hear Matthew West talking about the incredible song "Broken Girl" that he's working on for his upcoming record, The Story of Your Life? 

LISTEN   Hear the story behind the song, "Broken Girl."

LISTEN    This caller was pretty moved by the song, as so many have been!

LISTEN   Carmen offers words of encouragement to the broken girls and broken boys in our listening community.

LISTEN   To the rest of the conversation we had with Matthew.

Dave's son's have a thriving gig in Texas that allows them time to do parody songs.

LISTEN    One parody song got some outside attention: the kind of attention you don't want! 

WATCH   The video we mentioned.