Highlights from Wednesday, Mar 24, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CLICK HERE   Here's the link for the DVD by Louie Giglio that Bill talked about on the subject of Grace [the one and only].

CLICK HERE   You can HEAR or SEE the exact message we talked about FREE on the Passion City Church podcast. Find the message titled "Two Impossibilities: One Story." It was number 7.

Matthew West invited The Morning Cruise to share time with him at his cabin-retreat as he writes songs for his next record, The Story of Your Life. We sat down with Matthew at his tiny kitchen table with a digital recorder and some Flip video cameras.

LISTEN   Part One (where the idea of The Story of Your Life was born)matthew west cabin

LISTEN   Part Two (writing at his cabin retreat)

LISTEN   Part Three (the story of "Broken Girl")

LISTEN   Part Four (the types of stories Matthew has been reading)

LISTEN   Part Five (on the nuts and bolts of songwriting)

LISTEN   Part Six (on the well-worn notepad)

LISTEN   Part Seven (on his two little daughters)

LISTEN   Part Eight (another new song: "Life Goes On")

LISTEN   Part Nine (the cabin mouse!)

CLICK HERE   Submit the story of YOUR life! It might even wind up on his record.

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