Highlights from Tuesday, Mar 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We met Audrey Assad last year, when she was asked to sing on Chris Tomlin's Christmas record.  Check out this video, recorded live on the show this morning, of a song she wrote with Matt Maher, called "Garden."

Here's some audio from our time with Audrey live in-studio this morning. You'll hear what it was like to be asked to sing on Chris's record, what she's working on now, and you'll hear (and see!) some of the music she did live. And it's GOOD!

LISTEN   We welcomed Audrey, and Carmen remembered the "moment" last summer when Audrey found a captive audience for her song, "Winter Snow."

LISTEN   Audrey talked about what it was like to be in that moment.

LISTEN   Her newest song is called "For Love of You." Audrey told us where the inspiration came from (and Bill had his own little "moment.")

CLICK HERE   To read the Gerard Manly Hopkins poem that inspired the song.

CLICK HERE   To see Audrey's website, hear more of her songs, and find out about her debut EP release, For Love of You.

LISTEN   Carmen righted a wrong and gave Audrey a gift.

LISTEN   To get to know Audrey really quickly, check out 60 Seconds With Audrey Assad!