Highlights from Monday, Mar 15, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ever since we read the book Same Kind of Different As Me and met authors same kind of different bookRon Hall and Denver Moore, our hearts have been knit with the story and the people behind it. It changed our attitudes about homelessness and how to treat the homeless. We hosted two cycling events to raise money for homeless shelters, Carmen has even been to see Denver in Dallas (and has one of his original paintings on her wall)! So, when we find out Denver is in the hospital, well, you know we just have to call.

LISTEN   We talked with Ron about Denver, got an update on the movie and sent him off to take care of his mom.

LISTEN   Here's the call (from our archives) to Denver for his 72nd birthday.

READ   Same Kind of Different As Me or the sequel, which has a chapter about Carmen called "Bossy White Lady," What Difference Do It Make?

Every man wants to hear the words "my hero" from someone, especially if it's from his wife! So why do we keep messing it up?

LISTEN   Bill had blew (another) chance to be a hero on Sunday.

LISTEN   Kimberly, his lovely wife, confirmed his self-evaluation.

LISTEN   Dave responded to his wife's rescue-plea HOW? By jumping on his bike!